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This eBook is the full download of everything I have learned in the last 8 years about how to grow a $1.8 million internet business* from zero - using free traffic from social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube etc).

[*results not typical - please see foot of page for full disclaimer.]



The TRUE STORY Of How I Made Over USD $1,800,000
(And Built 4.5M+ Fans) On Social Media.

FULL System Reveal + In-Depth Tutorial.
Nothing held back: The REAL Secrets
Of Social Media Success Uncovered!



Dear future social media entrepreneur,

Welcome to one of the most astonishing business guides you will ever see. You've found it.

The eBook you are about to read is mostly tutorial... but also part crazy story - of my own incredible “zero to 100” experience (that was like being strapped into a rocket taking off) and the life-changing social media adventure I have been on in the past few years. Nothing here is made up. It’s all true.

But at the end of the day, this tutorial is not about me. It’s about you and about helping you to create online success! I just happen to be someone who has done what you are trying to do and has a “gold mine” of useful knowledge about it that I want to hand over to you.

It’s the knowledge that is the real gold.

This book contains unique social media knowledge of the kind that is highly sought after in the 2020's. I seriously doubt you will find it at all in the overpriced courses that “internet gurus” (many of whom haven’t actually achieved these kinds of results) are trying to charge you $1000+ for.

But there is one thing the gurus are actually right about: There really are “under the radar” internet marketers, who have made astonishing money without anyone knowing who they are. These people exist.

I know this is true, because I’m one of them.

My results are highly atypical and I legally have to state this; but this is good news for you - because in business you should only learn from someone who has actually achieved what you are aiming to achieve! My results are genuine and I will show you everything I can about how I achieved this:


Boom! This screenshot shows my AdSense income from 2013. I started my first Facebook fan page on Dec 18th 2012. Yes, that's “per day” income on the y-axis. My best day was $6,841 in revenue - Dec 28th. [*results not typical - please see foot of page for full disclaimer.]

On Sept 29th that year I had my first “$1000 dollar day”. November 14th was my first $2000 dollar day and November 18th was my first $3000 dollar day! Then in December I raked in a staggering $90,693 in Adsense revenue - with expenses under $3000 - as well as a further $2000+ in CLICKBANK® revenue!

By December 31st 2013, 12 months and 13 days after starting my first Facebook fan page, I had made over $233,000 and gained two million social media followers. At the peak of this growth I was gaining over 10,000 new fans per day! And I had just earned about as much in one year as I had in the previous ten!

It was insane. I felt like a man who was crossing a desert and had stumbled into a cave full of gold.

One morning in late December 2013, I remember checking my income stats while sipping my morning coffee and learning that I had already made over $1000 since midnight, before I had even got out of bed in the morning.

And then in 2014, almost every single day was a $1000 dollar day!

My 2014 total revenue was over $480,000. And I have generated online income every single day since then - whether I was sitting at my computer or not.

When you get it right, the volume of traffic that social media can send is extraordinary. It is ludicrous. The avalanche of visitors from Facebook crashed my web hosting, forcing me to get upgraded hosting, and then a few weeks later 260,000 page views in one day overwhelmed that too, requiring me to upgrade it again!! When people wrote to me asking if I would share their link on my Facebook page, I would say “No, because my traffic will crash your website”. And I wasn’t joking! Crazy but true.

1024 traffic

This is Google Analytics "real time" traffic on one of my websites in 2019. Yes, FB can still deliver the crazy traffic - maybe even more than ever before, because there are more people on Facebook in the 2020's than ever before! I have created these "traffic cascades", converting them into advertising and affiliate revenue, very many times - all through free social media traffic.

I too started from zero - and this is how I went from zero to over 4.5 million followers and over $1.8 million in gross revenue in 8 years.


Genuine "all time" Google Adsense earnings. This really did happen. [*results not typical - please see foot of page for full disclaimer.]


CLICKBANK® going off in 2016. Clickbank has been my #2 income source and has generated over $350,000 in total in the past 8 years - averaging almost $1000 per week. Note that this is affiliate income generated by promoting other people’s products. [*results not typical - please see foot of page for full disclaimer.]

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Here's some of what you will get in Social Network Gold:

★ 150+ pages PACKED with the golden tips that helped me make bank.

★ Actual screenshots of viral posts that got 75,000, 287,000 and even 2 million shares - with a full breakdown of the elements and triggers that caused these (and hundreds of my other posts) to go viral.

★ Full explanation of the methods I used to earn over $1.4 million on Google AdSense including earning over $1000 per day a staggering 400+ times!

★ How I came to have more Facebook page fans in total than Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Barclays Bank combined! (The "old guard" often completely fail to understand social media).

Full analysis of techniques I have used to get 300,000+ pageviews in one day to my websites 9 times, 200,000+ pageviews in one day a further 15 times and 100,000+ pageviews in one day a further 180+ times - with frequent "real time Google Analytics" scores of over 1,000 and occasionally over 2,000. (most people are excited if they get over 100 real time)!

★ Details of how I used free social media traffic to build an email list and earn over $350,000 on Clickbank.

★ How I turned a "loser website" from one that made $7.47 in one year into one that made over $406,000 in one year and has now generated over $1,198,000 in AdSense revenue!

Complete step-by-step tutorials for how to get your first 1000 followers on a social media account (I have done this successfully over 50 times and it still works!)

★ Full tutorial explaining how I gained 2 million Facebook fans in the first 12 months - while generating a 6 figure income at the same time.

★ Full details of what I did to generate so much traffic from Facebook that it crashed my web hosting and I had to upgrade it to VPS, then got even more traffic, crashed that and had to upgrade it again! (this is quite a good problem to have!)

★ A vault of 50 tested viral captions to use for social media posts that give a massive boost to engagement scores. These rock!

★ Why Facebook is NOT dead (it has more users than ever before!) and how to re-ignite a "dead" Fan page (it's not dead, it's just sleeping!!) back into an accelerated growth phase without spending any money!

★ Ninja tactics to build a following on Youtube without spending any money on ads even if you don't have any videos!!! (Yes you really can do this and you won't believe how easy it is!)

★ Core skills for making graphics that go viral on social media (you don't need to be a "graphics pro", but you do need to understand what makes an image go viral!)

★ 26 "Golden Niches" that are massively popular, potentially very lucrative and, importantly, are low risk when it comes to the modern problem of deplatforming and censorship.

★ List of niches to be avoided at all costs, with full reasons why. Very important information! Even "internet gurus" are getting this wrong in the 2020's! The "rules of the game" have changed in the last few years and it's vital to understand the new social media landscape.

★ How to determine optimal post frequency on Facebook to maximize your growth and income (most "social media gurus" give AWFUL advice on this!)

★ What happens when you REALLY go viral and exact steps you need to take to be ready for it.

★ Detailed outsourcing strategies to reduce your workload, increase your income and scale your business. (I have 8 years experience managing an outsource team).

★ TONS of tested methods for growing a fan base without spending a single dollar on advertising.

★ Ways that pros make money on social media that don't require you to own a website at all!

★ My best ways to optimize "revenue per visitor" if you do have a website (these tips literally made me hundreds of thousands of dollars!)

★ How to come up with unlimited ideas for content that has the highest chances of viral popularity.

★ Detailed breakdown of the exact graphic design elements that caused a Mr. Beast video thumbnail to get 82 million clicks in 9 months (hint: it's pure psychology, not fancy graphic design).

★ Detailed "deep dive" business strategies for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, email marketing and more.

★ Full breakdown of "ninja tactics" used by pros to create huge visibility for free on Youtube, Instagram and more - with clear explanations of the right ways and the wrong ways to do this. Most people have no idea many of these tactics exist, even though they are right under their noses and you probably see them daily without realizing what they are!

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I'm "Giving It Back"

This book - your book - is now available at the completely ridiculous price of $9.

Yes seriously. While the "internet gurus" are trying to charge you $2000+ for courses, I have decided to let you have my entire tutorial for $9. No "recurring payment". No signup. No "upsell".

Their tutorials are often packed full of affiliate links that will make them even more money. Social Network Gold contains no affiliate links.

This book will also not "hook" you and then require you to buy another more expensive course later. I put all of it in this book. Everything on the line. All my strategies. This is it. This is your treasure map to the social media gold.

This book is going to be a hot seller because I have broken all the rules and am giving information that could be considered to be worth thousands, for $9. But this is me "giving it back to my peeps". I have to do this.

When I started out in this game, I worked my tail off "trying everything" but also I got lucky and found incredible mentors who gave me "secret" social media knowledge. The "keys to the vault".

I know you need these keys. Everyone needs them right now and I don't want to price this out of the reach of anyone. Because I know what that feels like. And I know what so many people are going through at the moment and well, I just have to be honest. That hurts.

I too started out from zero. Zero social media followers and zero money. I was not born rich. I've been broke. I know what it's like. When I started my social media journey I was literally flat broke. I was living in an old caravan parked on my friend's property and had three maxed out credit cards when I created my first Facebook fan page! True story!

Within 9 months of starting on social media (first Facebook, then Pinterest) I was not only debt free but had made so much money from my laptop I could go anywhere in the world I wanted. I could have gone to an island somewhere. I didn't.

I decided to go home.

Crossing the Atlantic and going home for the first time in six years, after transforming my life from poverty to success, and stepping off the train was the best moment of my life. Home. Striding across that bridge with my Dad, I felt like a conquering hero who had finally returned from victory on the high seas, my ship loaded with golden treasure. It was unbeatable.

Now I want to give you all my secrets and help you smash it on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest.

It's your turn to bring the treasure home.

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Social Network Gold gives you every secret and tip of how I did this. Nothing held back.

The information in Social Network Gold is detailed, precise and powerful. Soak it up. Don’t just skim-read for gems. Full focus. Dive deep. Read it cover to cover. It’s the distillation of 8 years work. I am super proud of this tutorial and I am confident that this "knowledge gold mine" has the potential to help you change your life.

We live in crazy times and very many people are currently jumping into generating internet-based income – out of sheer necessity. I certainly don’t like the feeling that we are being “herded” into the kind of lifestyle that the “powers that be” want us to have, but we also need to survive and thrive - and the internet is now the most accessible way to do that, for most.

So my goal was to make a guide that a) is simple to understand b) is highly motivating and c) gives you real, tried and tested action steps that you can start taking right away. There are also some deep concepts and explanations: I wanted to show you not only what works but why it works.

I really am about to show you exactly what I did that has made me $1.8 million so far. No bull. I can't promise you how much money you will make online because that depends on you, and on forces outside of my control. But I honestly think the overall potential online is even higher now than it used to be. This is for the simple reasons that there are more people online than ever before and more money is being spent online than ever before! That translates into more pageviews, more fans, more ad revenue and more affiliate commissions out there for the taking.

I am going to show you my successes, secret techniques, what still works, my best niches, my future predictions for this game - and the new hot niches that I am going to start working on immediately as soon as I have published this book!

And then I want you to go for it, kick some butt, share your best with the world and make your life into what you want it to be. You can do this. This is your time. LET'S GO!

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Who Is This Book For?

This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to make money on the internet in the 2020's.

The material is suitable for all: Absolute beginners, intermediate students and even advanced marketers who have already made millions. (Bet there are some tips in here you have NEVER seen before! You will be blown away... ;) )

Social Network Gold is suitable for existing social media entrepreneurs, business owners making the switch to online, creative types, artists, musicians, models, photographers, chefs, people “stuck at home” (that’s most of us in 2020!) and to people new to the online game who have yet to make a dollar online or build a following of any kind, on any platform.

$9. No upsells. No sneaky monthly subscription. One time only payment.

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Full Money Back Guarantee


I'm confident that you are not only going to love this book, but that you are still going to be talking about it in 10 years time. This is a game changer. That rare tutorial that comes along once in a blue moon that not only helps people but changes lives. If you are't absolutely thrilled with this book, you are covered by CLICKBANK®'s 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

Alex Ashwood,
November 2020

Only $9

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